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Nerd Nite #2 – Love Is In The Air

It’s the second ever Nerd Nite Houston! We have an amazing lineup for you. In the news, the charity date auction will be postponed until March as we’re still looking, but here are our amazing speakers!


“Simplified Dating,” by Harris O’Malley (aka Dr. NerdLove)

Dating can be a frustrating, confusing mess…but it doesn’t have to be. It’s time to treat dating is a skill, not as a mysterious process. By stripping dating to it’s core essentials, we can make dating a simpler, more enjoyable experience. (Yes, we stole him from Austin, muahahahaha, he is awesome).

Harris O’Malley is a blogger and dating coach who teaches nerds how to date better at his website Paging Dr. NerdLove.



“”Behind the screens: How online dating algorithms have redefined romance,” by Anna Jarman

Anna studied psychology and biology at Rice University, and, desperately seeking some practical application of this, started researching online dating. Anna will discuss how online services have changed the romantic landscape and the empirical and theoretical basis for matchmaking alogrithms.



“Blink if you want me: Nonverbal Signs of Arousal and Attraction,” by Chase Hughes

Chase Hughes has been involved with development, research and training in psychological studies since 1999. He regularly speaks at universities and trains US Federal Law Enforcement agencies, Intelligence Agencies and dozens of state and local criminal investigation units.

His areas of specific expertise are in advanced body language, deception detection, covert hypnosis, interrogation and behavioral engineering. He has been the keynote speaker at universities covering topics from mind control and brainwashing to hypnotherapy.

Chase earned his Master’s Degree in Behavioral Psychology in 2006 and has published two books on behavioral science and behavioral profiling. He has been in the US Military for 15 years and is still on active duty. His assignments and training have provided him a chance to work at Guantanamo Bay, Pearl Harbor NCIS and numerous interrogation sites around the globe. His behavioral profiling system is currently in use by the US Government and was developed for CIA field operatives in 2012.



Remember! Doors open at 7:30 pm, the show starts at 8:00 pm!

Nerd Nite Houston WANTS YOU – Volunteer to be Tribute!

The Nerd Nite Houston co-bosses were inundated with enthusiasm at our first ever Nerd Nite for volunteers! We received all sorts of questions from people asking about bigger venues, how they can help with potential future Nerd Nite events (Ambassador program, Speed Dating, etc, etc), and how they can sign up to speak. Well, right now, as we’re building our Nerd Nite Houston group, we would love to hear from you!

So what do you need to do to let us know you’re interested in helping? Please fill out our CONTACT form and put in what you’d like to do that way it can be kept track of through the magic of google docs.

What are we looking for right now? We’re looking for speakers! If you want to speak at a future Nerd Nite, send us a pitch and we’ll be in touch promptly! Also, come by and say hi on our facebook group or get our attention on our twitter @nerdnitehouston.

Be there and be square!

Nerd Nite #1 – Something Science This Way Comes

Something Science This Way Comes was a success! In our first ever Nerd Nite, we had almost one hundred people fill up our venue of Notsuoh. Who were our speakers?

The night opened up with Andy Boyd, one of the contributors of Engines of Our Ingenuity with his talk entitled… Why Voting Mechanisms Can’t Work

Andy Boyd

Afterwards, our co-boss, Amado Guloy, gave a brief intro to superspace crystallography with…Why I Hate Ellipsoids and How Superspace Saved Me

Amado Guloy

And the night was closed out by Prof. Douglas Natelson with…Presenting Science to the Public: “It’s late; we’re all tired; why should any of us care about anything you’re saying?”


All in all, it was a success, and even then, we were able to get special shoutouts from our speakers both on Engines of Our Ingenuity and on Prof. Natelson’s blog, Nanoscale Views! We look forward to seeing y’all for Nerd Nite Houston #2 in February, with Love is in the Air!


Engines of Our Ingenuity Episode 2926 – The Etymology of the Word Nerd

Prof. Natelson’s Blog – Nanoscale Views – Science and Public Outreach